ALCC submission to the Copyright Modernisation Consultation

The ALCC strongly supports the government’s stated goal to modernise Australia’s copyright system and ensure that it is efficient, effective, accountable and, most importantly, able to adapt to changes in economic conditions, technology, markets and costs of innovating. To achieve this, the ALCC recommends that Australia:

  • Adopt an open ended, flexible, fair use style exception, or extended fair dealing as a secondary, less desirable option;
  • Protect all exceptions in the Copyright Act from being overridden by contract;
  • Introduce exceptions that permit the use of orphan works by both cultural organisations and others, in commercial and non-commercial circumstances; and
  • Modernise the libraries and archives exceptions relating to document delivery and interlibrary loan to simplify their language, reduce bureaucratic requirements, and harmonise user rights in relation to all categories of materials.
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