Submission to the Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

The recent Government online copyright infringement discussion paper made three main recommendations that could impact on libraries. 

The ALCC submission strongly supports the extension of the 'safe harbour' scheme to cover libraries.  The safe harbours mean that libraries will not be liable for financial penalties for copyright infringements that occur for activities such as provision of internet and caching, as long as they follow the preventative steps prescribed.

However we do not support the extension to authorisation liability. While the paper concentrates on the effect of this measure on ISPs, libraries would also be subject to the changes.  In a research paper commissions by the Australian Digital Alliance, Dr Rebecca Giblin outlines some real world examples of acts that might be caught in an expanded definition. 

We also have some concerns about the proposal to block overseas websites, and would like to see further strengthening of safeguards. 


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