Submission to the Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

The recent Government online copyright infringement discussion paper made three main recommendations that could impact on libraries. 

The ALCC submission strongly supports the extension of the 'safe harbour' scheme to cover libraries.  The safe harbours mean that libraries will not be liable for financial penalties for copyright infringements that occur for activities such as provision of internet and caching, as long as they follow the preventative steps prescribed.

Competition Review - Issues Paper Submission

Fair use, limiting geoblocking, removal of parallel import restrictions and ensuring intellectual property is subject to rules limiting restrictive trade practices were the key submissions the ADA and ALCC made to the Competition Policy Review 

We believe that these reforms would provide a regulatory framework with the right incentives to enable and promote healthy competition, leading to innovation, better choices for consumers and lower prices.  


Supplementary Submission - ALRC Copyright and the Digital Economy Inquiry

This supplementary submission was made by the ALCC/ADA in repsonse to issues raised at the ALCC organised 'libraries and cultural sector round table'.  It deals solely with the issues of document supply and inter-library loan.  


ADA & ALCC Copyright and the Digital Economy - Supplementary Submission to the ALRC Discussion Paper

Joint submission on 2013 APRA application for reauthorisation

Joint submission by the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) and Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (ALCC) to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) application for re-authorisation. In their application, APRA seek a further six year term of authorisation and the revocation of certain findings by the ACCC in 2010. 

Further reading: ADA and ALCC submission on APRA reauthorisation in 2010

ALRC Inquiry into 'Copyright and the Digital Economy' Issues Paper

Joint Submission by the ADA and ALCC to the Australian Law Reform Commission's Issues Paper (IP 42) for its Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy


FINAL ADA ALCC CopyRevSub.docx

Submission to IT Pricing Inquiry

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC to the House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications Inquiry into IT Pricing.

Attorney-General's review of technological protection measure exceptions

The joint submission from the ADA and ALCC on the Attorney General's review of technological pretection measure exceptions made under the Copyright Act 1968. 

Submissions to the review were due by Friday 17th August 2012, and will be available on the Attorney-General's website. Comments on submissions will be accepted by the Department until Friday 5th October, 2012.

Extending legal Deposit

Submission of the ALCC in response to the Attorney-General's Department Consultation paper: Extending Legal Deposit.


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